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      SPECIAL: Free Delivery in Oakland!
      SPECIAL: Free Delivery in Oakland!

      Many Flowers Aromatherapy Roller (Pickup Only)


      (Note: This item listing is for one roller, not a set of four.)

      This roller is wonderful if you want to enjoy a gentle and non-synthetic alternative to perfume, would like an easy to transport pain relieving or stress relieving oil, or if you are simply a scent and plant loving individual.

      It can be applied and inhaled to prepare for a hard day or challenging situation, for a quick and refreshing escape from the day and to help with encouragement and self care. Brief descriptions on each roller pictured above are listed below.

      All are made with handcrafted with herbs and spices, genuine essential oils and organic avocado oil.

      - Just Lavender -
      Essential Oil: Lavender
      Herbs: Lavender

      Lavender is one of the most widely used essential oils and has a long list of applications. Lavender can help take the edge off anxiety, promote relaxation and comfort, promote rest by helping with winding down for sleep, cleanse the air, and even keep cuts and abrasions free of infection.

      - Rose Oil -
      Essential Oils: Rose, Cardamom, Roman Chamomile
      Herbs: Rose petals, Chamomile flowers

      Three beautiful scents and two lovely flowers! Rose brings gentleness, openness and comfort to our hearts and can help soothe and calm the mind as well. This blend calms and comforts the nerves as well as the skin.

      -Turmeric Pain Oil-
      Essential Oil: Turmeric (organic c02 extract), Ginger (organic c02 extract), Marjoram and Black Pepper
      Herbs: Turmeric Root and black peppercorn

      This organic c02 extract of Turmeric smells like fresh turmeric. It is primarily used to help ease pain and inflammation topically. It is useful for injuries, joint and muscle pains and aches, etc. Marjoram, Black Pepper and Ginger are also used for topical pain relief.


      Created to smell just like the shop! Warm spices mingle to create a comforting and relaxing scent.

      This item is not available for shipping.

      Oaktown Spice Shop has been in the Adams Point neighborhood for nine years. They focus on sourcing the absolute best-tasting version of each individual spice, then grind the spices themselves, in their shop. This means the ground spices customers find at Oaktown are bursting with flavor and are far fresher than those found elsewhere.

      You can visit their own site here or find more of their spices on Keep Oakland Alive.