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      SPECIAL: Free Delivery in Oakland!
      SPECIAL: Free Delivery in Oakland!

      Shop Long Lines - Small Dogs (3/8" Width)


      ***Please note: We are currently backordered on our ⅜” bolt snaps. We are using an alternative solid brass bolt snap that is .5” longer and .5 oz heavier than our typical Small bolt snaps. For most the difference will not be noticeable, but please keep this in mind if you have a very small dog.

      Our Small Long Lines are 3/8" wide - our thinnest, most lightweight option, ideal for dogs 5-30 pounds. Each item is custom made to order at our studio in west Oakland, California. We use only high quality, rust proof solid brass hardware sourced in the USA on our leashes and long lines.

      Long lines are amazingly versatile - perfect for hiking, beach romps, camping, hiking, travel/road trips, training, decompression walks, play dates, tracking, nose work, and more - anytime you'd like to give your dog more freedom to explore without sacrificing safety. Long Lines are great to have on hand at home or in the car for spontaneous adventures, to add a layer of safety when exploring a new environment with your dog, or simply to give your dog more freedom to sniff and explore on everyday walks.

      Our leashes and long lines are made from biothane, a patented material made in the USA that is waterproof, odor proof, antimicrobial (mold proof), lightweight, strong, durable, and easy to clean and sanitize. Biothane is an excellent vegan leather alternative. It has a buttery soft, smooth, pliable feel in the hand and has some "give" to it, making leash burn significantly less likely than with other materials. Unlike leather, biothane does not degrade over time, requires zero maintenance, and comes in a variety of vibrant, highly visible colors that do not fade over time. Your biothane gear will look vibrant even after years of heavy use. To clean, just dunk in soapy water, wipe with a sponge, rinse, and towel dry to get your gear looking good as new.

      To order, select your desired length, color, and quantity, then click "Add to Cart." Then, continue shopping or proceed to checkout! For standard leashes (4, 5, or 6 feet), visit our Leashes collection.

      About our customization options:

      Built in traffic handle yes/no: A built-in traffic handle is a loop handle, approximately 12” in length, that is riveted to the clasp end of your leash or long line. A traffic handle can be handy for maneuvering in tight spaces, crossing a busy street (hence the name), or for securing your dog close to you when needed. They can also be helpful as a management or safety tool when working with reactive dogs. We also offer a stand alone traffic handle option.

      D Ring/O Ring: Some people like to have a D Ring or an O Ring added to their leash or line line handle so that they can attach something to the handle, most commonly a poop bag holder, or so that they can clip the leash to itself and carry it over their shoulder. We find that this option is most commonly selected for leashes rather than a long line, which you may prefer to keep lightweight and free of extra hardware.

      Loop handle yes/no: Adding a loop handle is the standard option. Some people prefer their leash or long line without a handle if they are using it primarily as a drag line. If unsure, we recommend adding a handle.

      While we strive to keep all of our colors and sizes in stock, it's possible that the color you order may be out of stock, or backordered, when you place your order. If that is the case, we will email you as soon as possible to ask if you would like an alternate color, or if you would like to wait for a restock (which typically takes 7-10 days but can take longer in the case of a backorder). We apologize in advance for any inconvenience.

      Our products are guaranteed against defects in materials or workmanship. For more details see our Return + Exchange Policy. Please note that biothane is NOT chew proof and your dog should never be left unattended wearing a leash or long line, including in the car or in a crate. Our long lines should never be used as a tie out. If you must use a tie out, we recommend one designed expressly for that purpose, such as a cable. For more information and care instructions, please see our FAQ section.

      Liz Williams, the owner of High Tail Hikes in West Oakland, is a longtime leader of off-leash trail adventures and started making custom leashes for her own pack before launching her line of vibrant leads and collars. Great for hiking, training, beach romps, and more, they’re an absolute hit among pooches and pet parents alike. Plus, they’re soft, pliable, 100 percent vegan, and antimicrobial. Now that’s worth a goodie treat. Learn more about High Tail Hikes at their own site, or find more of their products right here on Keep Oakland Alive.