Each of their products are thoughtfully curated to inspire you in your daily rituals and connect you to the continent of Africa. The ingredients are ethically and fair trade sourced to empower and enrich the various African collectives that work hard to produce them.

Pronounced: OO-REMBO AH-SI-LI (it's Kiswahili for Natural Beauty.)

The beauty line was founded by Evie Dondi, who was beset by acne after immigrating to the US from Nairobi, when she asked herself: "What did my ancestors use?"

African women were historically described as having beautiful, flawless skin that glowed. What started as a question resulted in a deep dive into the world of natural skincare. She soon fell in love with her roots and discovered the healing power of many African oils and butters. She worked these into her own formulations and healed her acne in three months. The use of oil cleansing and double cleansing while feeding her skin with nutrient dense oils helped heal and restore her skin and gave her self-confidence a much-needed boost.