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      SPECIAL: Free Delivery in Oakland!
      SPECIAL: Free Delivery in Oakland!
      ¡Viva La Reusable Revolución!


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      OakRA’s mission is to introduce circular economies into the communities of Oakland through intersectional environmentalism projects.

      OakRA sprouted in response to the lack of transparency, hypocrisy, and greed its founder, Sara Mae, experienced throughout her professional career working across various sectors and industries (including property management, sales, restaurant management, environmental work, non-profit sectors, fashion, education, and behavioral analysis).

      During these professional pursuits, Sara Mae witnessed consumers being lied to, money being extorted from customers, and a general lack of respect for workers who power the engines of industry.

      These experiences inspired Sara Mae and her community partners to dedicate the work of OakRa to moving the community compass into a self-sustaining alignment. The OakRA team seeks to achieve this alignment by piloting programs and strategic projects rooted in intersectional environmentalism.

      Some of those projects include getting reusables into the public sphere in order to eliminate the accumulation of disposables ending up in ecosystems, revitalizing decayed areas into community foraging gardens, working to increase community exposure to local artists, artisans, and entrepreneurs, and provide socio-economic and environmental education.

      Sara Mae Heady, founder
      An Urban Foraging project promoted by OakRA

      KOA: Why did you decide to open up shop in Oakland?
      Sara: Oakland is home. 

      KOA: What do you love about Oakland? What do you wish more people knew about this place?
      Sara: So much. Have a conversation with me, jaja. 

      KOA: What does your store say about Oakland?
      Sara: I want to support Oakland in becoming a paradise city. 

      KOA: What are some other local shops you love?
      Sara: Melanin Gang, 510 Brand, so many more...

      KOA: What's your favorite item you sell?
      Sara: This nifty Glass Jar, Lid and Steel Rainbow Straw Combo to carry your cold brews, iced teas, and juices.

      • ...

        Hand Created Upcycled Cards


        Hand crafted in Oakland by Sara Mae Heady. Silly cards with silly puns intended to lift your spirits. Comes with an envelope AND A STAMP. Oak...

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