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      We're changing our name to Nearby!
      We're changing our name to Nearby!
      Sustainably Sourced Live edge wood

      Bay Area Redwood

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      Bay Area Redwood strives to divert waste created by developers and arborists every day by up-cycling urban redwood trees into usable timber products.

      Founded by Nick Harvey, this local startup serves customers ranging from individuals to large-scale businesses with their beautiful live-edge slabs and other redwood based products. This way they are able to reclaim bio-waste, reduce CO2 emissions, and decrease methane decomposition.

      Nick Harvey, founder
      Inside the shop

      KOA: What does your store say about Oakland?
      BAY AREA REDWOOD: Oakland was a vast land of trees before European destruction.

      KOA: What do you love about Oakland? What do you wish more people knew about this place?
      BAY AREA REDWOOD: Oakland has a rich history of resilience and diversity.

      KOA: What made you want to get into the Redwood business?
      BAY AREA REDWOOD: The destruction of trees through urban logging and the waste of materials.

      KOA: What are some other local shops you love?
      BAY AREA REDWOOD: So many :)

      KOA: What's your favorite product you sell?
      BAY AREA REDWOOD: Two words: This Picture.